My Mission:

  “To use my knowledge and gifts to assist people on their life’s journey to be the best version of themselves through empowerment and self awareness.”

Certifications and Practice History

  • RAC certified Reflexologist since 1995
  • Am a RRCO registered reflexologist
  • Studied Colour Therapy with Audrey Ann Lowrie founder of The Colour Institute of Canada
  • Reiki Master
  • Therapeutic Touch Practitioner level 3
  • Can Fit Pro certified since 2009 with these designations, fitness instructor, personal trainer, older adult specialist, mind body specialist
  • Yoga instructor studied with Regulus Rising Yoga Teacher Training

A Little Bit About Me

My treatments become a dance between all my modalities.  I work intuitively in response to what a person’s energy field is asking for.  I incorporate colour into my treatments through visualization, colour breathing and sending colour through my hands.  I send colour to the different reflex points when needed such as blue for calming and cooling, violet to promote relaxation and serenity, green for energy and rejuvenation.

I worked in long term care for over seven years with the opportunity to work under doctors’ orders using Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Colour.  By utilizing these modalities an environment conducive to healing and wellness was created.

My passion is to assist others on their own healing journey through empowerment of the self, knowledge, kindness and compassion.  When people are empowered, they take control of their own healing journey through care of the self by tuning into their own innate wisdom, and listening to messages their body, mind and spirit has for them.

"I believe that the body achieves what the mind believes and that our thoughts do have the ability to affect us in both positive and negative ways. A negative mindset creates a negative environment that is not viable in promoting health and wellness."

– Owner Tracey Rutledge (Johnson)